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December 30, 2005

Two permanent absences

I've decided not to do a year-end 2005 wrapup for Pillage Idiot, because, basically, who cares?

But I do want to note two similar year-end 2005 developments outside of PI. Dave Barry, the best humor columnist around, and "Allah," the best blogger around, have both decided after year-long absences that they will not resume their previous endeavors (see comments). Technically, Allah has been insisting all along that he won't return, so we never had our hopes up, but Allah is now, at least, dangling the possibility of a "linkblog." One commenter asked him to put his photoshop work on a CD and sell it. I know I'd buy it. If you want to see the "Allah is in the House" archives (sans photoshops), you can look here and here. [UPDATE: Here's a link to Allah's linkblog, called Link Mecca.]

It's all very sad, but as my friend's father said, when the richest man in the world dies, we all move up a notch.

(Dave Barry link via Baseball Crank)