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December 16, 2005

Celebrating Beethoven's birthday

Beethoven's had a pretty good year this year, considering he's been dead for 178 years.

To wit: Someone discovered a manuscript of his transcription of the Grosse Fuge for piano four hands, which sold at auction for $1.72 million, of which Beethoven, as a posthumous member of the RIAA, is entitled to, uh, well, something. And then, a researcher conducted tests on his skull (by which I mean Beethoven's skull, not the researcher's) and demonstrated that Beethoven suffered from lead poisoning.

So in honor of Beethoven's birthday today, don't forget to send your spouse or friend (whichever is larger) a Beethoven's birthday e-card. Three of the four e-cards come with musical accompaniment, and, strange as it may sound, one of them actually uses Beethoven's music.