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December 13, 2005

Jewish pushback on Iraq

The Republican Jewish Coalition is miffed at the stupidity and mendacity of the Reform Jewish leadership, which claims to speak for American Jews when it opposes the war in Iraq. Today, the RJC put an ad in the New York Times stating that "The Union for Reform Judaism Does Not Speak for Us."

In its press release, the RJC noted that the URJ has taken an anti-war position.

The URJ recently passed a resolution in opposition to the Iraq war, and their president Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie charged, "The sentiment was clear and overwhelming, American Jews, and all Americans, are profoundly critical of this war and they want this Administration to tell us how and when it will bring our troops home." Dr. Michael Rankin, URJ Board of Trustee, added, "This is not a just war."
As usual, leftwingers (and especially Jewish leftwingers) think that they speak for everyone. The RJC responds:
"It is essential that we show the country that the Reform movement does not speak for the American Jewish community," said Brooks. "Many American Jews support this President and recognize that Iraq is the central battle in the War on Terror. We will win in Iraq because the future security of the United States and our friends around the world depends on our victory.

"A wide-range of political opinions exists within the American Jewish community," Brooks stressed, "and the RJC’s ad campaign emphasizes that the URJ is wrong to assume that all Jews share their anti-war views."
I'd say this is a pretty good start. It wouldn't be a bad followup to take the RJC's advice and e-mail Rabbi Yoffie at PresURJ@URJ.ORG to disagree with him. Please be polite.