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December 28, 2005

Things that interest me (12/28)

1. Ace mocks the London Times for saying that Joseph and Mary, today, would face many Israeli checkpoints.

Gee, I used to be a supporter of the Israeli security fence, but now that you've told me that Mary and Joseph would have had to show ID along their route, I've completely changed my position!

Related Times UK headline: Israeli Gunships Kill Hamas Leader, The Same As They Killed Jesus (Except With Hellfire Missiles)
2. Soccer Dad, who has limitless energy and intellectual curiosity, muses on "blog envy." I'm not even in the ballpark where I can be envious.

3. Power Line has a series on the reviews of the Spielberg film "Munich" here, here, here, and here.

4. Baseball Crank notes that Jeff Reardon has morphed from a great (former) closer into an armed robber. "Sad" is exactly the right word.

5. David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy returns from Israel with news that the Israeli lefties he spoke to think that Israel is going to attack Iran in the next few months. And they're OK with that. A few days ago, fee simple sent me a link to an article suggesting that for Sunni Iraqis, Iran is becoming more of the enemy than Israel. I suppose that's progress.

6. Perhaps the thing that interests me most, given my father's struggle with cancer, is an article from yesterday's NY Times discussing progress in treating cancer by stopping the genetic mutations that result in cancerous cells.