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December 12, 2005

Photo comics

Over the past few months, I've been doing photo comics occasionally. Those are the things you see here sometimes that have voice- or thought-bubbles on photos, putting culpable words into innocent people's mouths or heads.

I've decided to collect links to all of them in a segment of the sidebar called (strangely enough) "Photo Comics."

Sometimes, as with the first Condi Rice photo comic, in which Cindy Sheehan won't speak to her outside the Bush ranch in Crawford and Condi reports to Bush and Rumsfeld that she popped her one, I catch a lot of grief over the comic. Other times, no one remarks on the comic at all. I suspect people think to themselves, "This is really stupid [or infantile or poorly executed or in bad taste]," and they're too polite to say so. I plead guilty to stupid, infantile, poorly executed, and in bad taste, and I'm not too polite to admit it. But, in all modesty, I do think "Anatomy of a nomination," about the Roberts nomination, was pretty amusing.

I think I'll probably continue the series occasionally -- as Scott Adams says about the Dilbert Newsletter, "approximately 'whenever I feel like it.'" If there's a groundswell of opposition to any more photo comics, I'll laugh in my maniacal way. And ignore the sentiment. Blogging's for self-entertainment, anyway, isn't it?