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December 01, 2005


"Mosquito" is the name of an invention that sounds too good to be true. According to this "Reuters" report, Welsh inventor Howard Stapleton claims to have invented a device that emits an "uncomfortable high-pitched ultrasonic sound" that can be heard by children and teenagers but not by people over 30.

Stapleton claims that it's been used to drive noisy teens away from a couple of Welsh stores. (Having visited Wales last year, I can tell you you don't need noise to drive you away from Welsh stores. Only kidding, I think.)

But if proven, this story suggests that our days of arguing with our teens are over. "Pick up those dirty clothes, or I'll turn on . . . THE MOSQUITO!" "No, Dad, don't! Please!"

(The preceding story is purely fictional. No real teenagers were harmed for this story.)