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December 15, 2005

Bike trip of a lifetime

All I know is that if I live to be 84 years old, this is what I want to happen to me. I want to take my bike out for a ride one morning and end up in London, as a Polish geezer did.

WARSAW (Reuters) - An 84-year-old man, missing since he left home to ride his bike in the small central Polish town of Znin last week, has been found in good health wandering around London's Heathrow airport, Polish police said Wednesday.

"According to the family, he just took his bike and left," a police spokesman said.

He said police had been searching for the man, identified as Ludwik Z, when they got a telegram from the Polish consulate in London informing them he was safe and sound in London.
The interesting question, to me, is how he crossed the English Channel. Because maybe I can use that same strategy to cross the Pond.