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August 23, 2005

European bra fears

You know you just have to keep reading an article with the headline "EU ban sparks bra fears." Here's why:

BRITAIN could be facing a bra shortage after an EU ban blocked £50million of Chinese-made clothing heading for the UK, a trade body warned today.

It means some shops could run out of trousers, pullovers, blouses and other items in the coming months, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said.

And the number of bras on shop floors could also drop, a spokeswoman for the BRC said.
This raises some troubling questions:

First, which appendage of the "trade body" issued the warning?

Second, what are the bras doing on the floor of the shops in the first place?

Third, is it because the bras not only "could" drop but in fact have dropped on the floor?

Fourth, when bras are dropping on the floor, isn't it really important for someone to keep a close eye on them? Apparently so:
A Department of Trade and Industry spokeswoman said: "We are keeping a close eye on the situation. We are talking to retailers and importers and we understand their concerns. The aim is to find an early resolution to the situation."
But maybe the situation isn't so dire. Maybe if Chinese bras become hard to find, Europeans can use Japanese Post-Privatization Total Surprise Bras instead.

(Via Instapundit; see also EU Rota and EU-Serf.)