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August 06, 2005

WaPo imitates Doug Gansler

A while back, I made fun of Doug Gansler, the Montgomery County State's Attorney for his reaction to two stabbings at a shopping mall by a woman recently released from prison. Rather than addressing security or promising to bring the perp to justice, Gansler talked about how safe the area really was.

The Washington Post did a similar number today. In a front page story about the stabbing of six teenagers at a Target store in a Wheaton shopping mall, apparently gang-related, the Post ended the story with an odd subject of concern:

It was unclear last night what, if any, effect the attack would have on efforts to upgrade the mall and give it a more upscale image.

Marc Sohm, operations manager for Target, said the company was "saddened" by the stabbings. He said the store's prime focus was the safety of shoppers and employees.

Target spokeswoman Lena Michaud said that the store has "sophisticated security programs in place" and that it would "take whatever steps are appropriate."
Six teenagers are stabbed, and we're talking about the shopping mall's image?