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August 11, 2005

Things that interest me

Here are a few things that interest me:

1. Soccer Dad writes about Article 20 of the Palestinian National Charter, which denies any historical ties of Jews to Palestine: "It is necessary for the Palestinians to believe that there's no historical connection between Jews and Israel, and that Jews are Europeans who moved to and conquered their land. These myths give a legitimacy to their cause. It also makes Palestinian nationalism and Zionism mutually exclusive ideologies. One, Zionism, is based on the idea that after 2000 years of exile Jews are returning to their land. The other says that Jews have no ties to the land and therefore the Palestinians can determine what degree of a Jewish presence is legitimate."

2. George Will points out that Jimmy Carter is a liar -- OK, he says "fibber," but that's what you say when you wear bow ties. Carter insists that Will stole the debate briefing book in 1980, as if only that, and not Carter's disastrous presidency, led Reagan to victory. (Via Captain Ed) Carter, it turns out, wrote to Will in 1993, disclosing that, because of his grudge against Will, he (Carter) had refused to read Will's book "Men at Work" until he (Carter) found it in a used bookstore for $1. James Taranto comments: "So Carter (a) nurses this trivial grudge for 13 years (and still is after 25 years), (b) refuses to read Will's book because of it, (c) feels vindicated when he finds it on the remainder table, and (d) writes a letter to Will boasting about (c)! Next to this guy, Bill Clinton is Winston Churchill."

3. Some people blog with their feet (photos to prove it). Let's see . . . hands, feet, am I missing any other body parts that people blog with? (Via Instapundit)

4. Jeff Goldstein discusses how the Democrats in Michigan are actively allied with a radical Trotskyite group to prevent the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative from coming to a vote. It's a very sordid tale.