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May 13, 2005

The direction of our culture

When I refer to the direction of our culture, I don't mean whether the culture is going NORTH or SOUTH. We all know it's headed rapidly toward Antarctica. The formerly staid New York Times will now write about absolutely anything. Yesterday's Thursday Styles section had an article on the difficulties that women with implants have in finding clothes that fit properly. And I don't mean dental implants, either. Well, maybe it'll be of relevance to the presidential wardrobe sometime soon.

What I mean by the direction is whether the culture is going EAST or WEST. This is totally impossible to figure out. In the West, we have a California real estate agent running a billboard ad in which she posed on the billboard in a bikini. And over in the Far East, we have the intrepid Japanese creating the "Post-Privatization Total Surprise Bra" (link probably SFW), supposedly designed to support privatization of the Japan Post, along with the usual stuff it supports.

I guess this is called globalization.