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August 02, 2005

Things you don't want to happen on your flight

You know you're having a bad flight when . . .

. . . the plane plunges 200 meters and the flight attendant begins praying. (Via

The article notes that "Passengers panicked after one flight attendant dropped a tray of drinks and another began praying." One passenger, who had never flown before, has the line of the day:

"When the flight attendant dropped an entire tray of drinks and was crawling on his hands and knees back to his seat and the other flight attendant was praying, that's when most of us began to take it a bit more seriously," he told ABC radio today.
He then says:
"It was my first flight and I actually didn't realise it was that big a deal but when I started looking around at the people who had travelled a bit and they were all clutching their seats ... they were like 'oh my God, this is not right'," Mr Holst said.
Yeah, sudden plunges are commonplace on flights. Reminds me of a story I overheard on a flight I took about ten years ago, in which there was excessive turbulence. A man was describing a flight he took home from China. Over Alaska, the plane suddently dropped like a rock, he said, and they made an unscheduled landing at an air force base. The man he was talking to asked, "Were you scared?" The response: "Let's just say I never wore that underwear again."