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August 19, 2005

Fan club

Earlier this week, I posted some cheap photoshops poking fun at the Cindy Sheehan spectacle. One was picked up by Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest. A lefty blogger saw it and wrote that it was despicable, or some such high-falutin' word. (I don't plan to return there to find out exactly his choice of words.) This sent his minions to GVdL's blog, where they posted hostile comments, mostly about him and somewhat about me. A few added their thoughts at Pillage Idiot.

I do want to say that I absolutely love one of the comments at American Digest. An anonymous poster calling himself "Great Job" wrote simply, "I remember MS Paint." This was a clever putdown, and it amuses me greatly. But in my own defense I have to point out that I have almost no experience whatsoever with Photoshop, so by that standard they weren't so bad.

I also got an email from someone promoting a rally called "The World Can't Wait/Drive Out the bush regime." I'll even give you the website here. Please make sure to read the FAQs (click to enlarge below). We have questions; they have no answers.