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August 10, 2005

Pull over!

If you have one of those flashing lights that police stick on their unmarked cars to pull people over or to make their way through traffic, and you think it would be fun to use one to pull someone over on the road, just for laughs, consider this (via

TAMPA - Marvin Williams, designated driver, wanted to play a joke late Sunday night. So he put a flashing red-blue light on the dashboard of his friend's Ford Expedition and pulled behind a car driving south on North 36th Street, police say.

It was one of a series of bad moves, police say.

The first? Choosing a car with two undercover Tampa officers in it.

It didn't help much when he laughed about it as he drove by.

Then, when the police followed him, Williams, 22, ran from the vehicle, officials say. He left behind a drunken friend, a 16-year-old girl in the back seat and 7 grams of cocaine on the center console, police say.
But Williams isn't the only jerk to try that trick. Here's another:
DES MOINES, Iowa -- A man who police say stopped another driver to warn him about his careless driving was arrested for impersonating a police officer -- and driving a stolen pickup truck.

Jessie Joe Hill, 32, of Des Moines, was driving the stolen pickup on Sunday when he turned on a flashing yellow light on the dashboard and pulled another driver over after the driver ran a stop sign, police said.

A police officer pulled up behind Hill and asked him what he was doing. Hill said he had pulled the other driver over to caution him about his driving.

That didn't sit well with the officer, who arrested Hill.

Hill also was arrested for driving with a suspended license and second-degree theft.

The man Hill pulled over said he thought he might be an undercover officer.

"I saw the light flashing ... so I pulled over," said Edin Beganovic. "He said 'Can you slow down?' I said, 'Sure, no problem.'"
Where's Leonardo DiCaprio when we need him?