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January 02, 2008

Do-it-yourself news story

Tonight, we're going to try to make a do-it-yourself news story.

1. Start out with a catchphrase for the story. Pick a short phrase that combines words that are funny and memorable together. Let's go with "flying bra." You can't get much better than that.

2. Next add a humorous premise for the story, like this: Some girl is in a car with three friends and decides to hoist her bra (we'll make it a red one, just for fun) up the car's antenna, and the wind lifts it off into the air. She claims she removed it because the family dog had chewed it earlier in the day and caused it to fray. But a witness says the girls were making gestures with their mouths and lifting their shirts at some men in the car behind.

3. Fold in an element that makes you not sure whether to laugh or feel awful: A couple of goobers in the car behind suddenly swerve to avoid hitting something that turns out to be a flying bra. They crash and are injured.

4. Bring in "the law": The girl who hoisted the bra is charged . . . with littering.

5. Tie it up with the obvious: Litigation ensues. And before long, after getting settlements from the girls in the car, the passenger in the car that crashed sues the driver, his buddy.

VoilĂ ! Here's your headline: "Friend sues buddy over 'flying bra' crash of '06"

And, of course, you'll need a photo showing the two unfortunate guys, with the passenger-plaintiff wearing a teeshirt that reads "The 4 Stages of Tequila."

* * * * *
For more background, check out these stories: A story in the Toledo Blade at the time of the incident, and a long writeup from shortly afterwards in something called Sports Car Market, which includes a photo of the crashed car.

(Via Patterico and Iowahawk)