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January 08, 2008

Adam Liptak, your readers want to know

I think some of us need a clarification from Adam Liptak.

Yesterday, Liptak's New York Times column examined the government's frequent success in fending off challenges to searches of laptop computers at airports and the borders. The idea is that searching your laptop is like searching your luggage.

Liptak discussed three cases in which the laptop that was searched contained kiddie p*rn.

Then, he closed his column with this odd statement:

There are all sorts of lessons in these cases. One is that the border seems be a privacy-free zone. A second is that encryption programs work. A third is that you should keep your password to yourself. And the most important, as my wife keeps telling me, is that you should leave your laptop at home.
And just what is on his laptop that makes his wife keep telling him to leave it at home? Your readers want to know, Mr. Liptak.