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March 08, 2006

Still dating a transsexual?

Last year, I noted a very strange conversation I overheard at one of our local Starbuckses. It had to do with the woman's 19-year-old cousin who was "dating a transsexual." Only it turned out that I had misheard. It wasn't really a transsexual; it was a 26-year-old.

Today, at the same Starbucks, I saw that "26-year-old." The guy came into Starbucks wearing a white baseball cap, a white waist-length coat with boa-like feathery white collar, a pink miniskirt, and platform shoes. This ain't Manhattan, where he would have been met with silent shrugs. It's Rockville frickin' Maryland, and I will report that there were many sidelong glances and whispers, even from the funky Starbucks staff. The guy went into the rest room -- now I know Starbucks needs a "transgendered" restroom -- emerged to some more glances and whispers, and left the store.

He rode off on a bicycle. Seriously.

UPDATE: Yeah, I know. He wasn't a transsexual at all, just a transvestite. Don't ruin my story.