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March 01, 2005

Overheard in New York

Via KaufmaNet, which linked to my "Boiling the frog" post, I've come across this site, which posts funny conversations overheard in New York. A sister site posts conversations overheard in the office, not necessarily in New York.

WARNING: Some profanity and immature conversation about mature topics.

The best conversation I overheard wasn't in New York, but it's a true story:

Mrs. Attila and I were sitting in Starbucks, and there were three 20-something women seated nearby. While Mrs. A and I were talking, I heard one of the women say to the others, "My cousin is 19, and she's dating a transsexual." Naturally, my ears perked up and I tried to hear the rest of the conversation. My wife seemed to be listening, too. But after a minute, we had to leave.

On the way out, I said to my wife, "That seemed like it could have been an interesting conversation." My wife asked, "Which conversation?" I said, "The one with the 19-year-old cousin who was dating a transsexual."

My wife stopped and looked at me and said, "What??? She didn't say 'transsexual.' She said her cousin was dating a twenty-six-year-old." She then launched into an imitation of the woman's speech pattern -- what used to be limited to Valley Girls but now is the way everyone that age speaks -- and slurred "26-year-old." Sounded just like "transsexual."