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March 02, 2006

Police flashing

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Germany.....

Some police officers have been flashing their, uh, not their lights but, well, here's the story:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Three German police officers face disciplinary action after lifting their kilts at a fancy dress party while wearing nothing underneath, police said on Thursday.

"The three were drunk, wore kilts and then started a squabble with some colleagues," said Berlin police spokesman Klaus Schubert. "One thing led to another and they started lifting their kilts over and over again to show their all -- back and front. Some decent people thought this wasn't decent and complained to the police."

The three have been transferred to other police stations and face disciplinary action for wrongdoing out of duty hours.

Germany's carnival season ended on Wednesday after several days of raucous partying and drinking across the nation.
So what are Germans doing in kilts? Who knows, but at least it was "out of duty hours."