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March 06, 2006

More on "peace studies"

During last week's discussion of the fracas over Colman McCarthy's "peace studies" class at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Avishak Panth, one of the two students who argued that the class was biased, arrived here and left a comment, which he expressed far more cogently than one would expect, given stereotypes of today's students.

So when I was contacted by the other student, Andrew Saraf, who asked me to let him make a guest post to explain his views, I was intrigued. Ultimately, however, I advised him that Pillage Idiot wasn't going to get him the exposure he deserved, and I urged him to try to place his essay in the Washington Post's op-ed page.

I don't know for sure whether he took my advice, but he did reach Michelle Malkin, who has posted Andrew's and Avishak's essays at her blog. I urge you to read them and to keep them in mind when you hear foolish stereotypes of ignorant high school students.