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March 15, 2006

Washington Nationals' stadium plans announced

Take a virtual tour of the stadium in a one-minute video prepared by the architects and hosted at the Washington Post.

Thomas Boswell, D.C.'s Diamond In the Rough: "The new ballpark for the Nationals, for which plans, drawings, artist's renderings and a virtual computer tour were released yesterday, will either be one of the most stunning achievements in sports architecture in years, or it will be a handsome, expensive, amenity-packed, unobjectionable ballpark that falls somewhere in the middle of the major league pack."

Thomas Heath, Form Follows Bottom Line / Stadium Design Maximizes Profit: "The 41,000-seat ballpark that the city will build for the Washington Nationals along the Anacostia Waterfront in Southeast Washington is designed to exploit every cash-generating source in the modern sports stadium playbook, allowing those with the deepest pockets to purchase the best views of the game, according to stadium documents released yesterday."

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