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March 13, 2006

Buttocks-lifting underwear

In an article (via Fark) that I find immensely troubling in any number of ways, we learn that Japanese men are almost as vain as Americans.

A new line of men’s underwear that tightens the abdominal area and lifts buttocks has become amazingly popular in Japan. Even the pilot lots were sold in a few hours.

"Nowadays men really keep an eye on fashion, they're starting to pay more attention to the contours of their body and the silhouette as a whole", - said the president of Triumph International Japan, which designed the new product.

I especially urge you NOT to click on the embedded link from the article, which takes immaturity to a level not even contemplated by the Pillage Idiot Advisory System. In fact, the whole page is littered with links that look NSFW, so click through at your own risk.

And if this isn't enough in itself, the article continues with a note about another type of corset:
The second one is made specially for wearing with low-waist jeans. Men’s groin corsets have been selling so well that the company started thinking about designing something new.
I can't even imagine a sentence that uses the words "groin" and "corset" side by side. But there it is.

All I can say is that I hope this whole site is a spoof.