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March 02, 2006

"The creeps"

You remember the little e-mail spat between William Korman, an attorney in Boston, and Dianna Abdala, a young lawyer he thought he had hired? I wrote about it here, and it was a big deal elsewhere, with millions of people having a few laughs at their expense. It even resulted in a news story on CNN.

Well, one of the dubious benefits of running a low-traffic site is that you get to see who's visiting your site individually and not just in gross (through referrer logs, search terms, etc.).

And this visit, earlier today, is very troubling. Someone from Mr. Korman's firm got here through a Google search for this: "dianna abdala" naked. Here's the relevant portion of my screen capture:

Whoever did this search either has a prurient interest in Ms. Abdala or, more likely, wants to make use of any compromising photos of the woman. It seems to me there are only three realistic possibilities: A) Mr. Korman's doing this himself (hard to believe); B) Someone at his firm is doing it with Mr. Korman's knowledge (still hard to believe); or C) Someone at his firm is doing it without his knowledge.

I sure hope it's C. Considering the man was an assistant district attorney for 2 or 3 years, according to Martindale-Hubbell, I can't believe he's personally behind this. Undoubtedly, someone else at his firm came up with this harebrained idea, and if he happens to hear about this, I sure hope he'll take action against that person.

Now, I get hits all the time looking for naked photos of people. I don't ever post that kind of smut, but I do run an occasional series called "naked news," describing in words only weird news stories involving naked people. (Yes, it's very immature. Sue me.) So it didn't surprise me in the least to get hits recently from people looking for naked photos of William Donald Schaefer's "little girl," whom I won't name again so I don't get even more. And it didn't surprise me to get a visit looking for photos of Ms. Abdala, either. The IP address, however, was a shock.

I could have just said, "bla bla bla," and ignored it. But it really gives me the creeps.

UPDATE (3/14): Whoever this is isn't giving up. I got a visit today from the same source using the same search terms but a different search engine. What's truly weird is that this person got to my site through this search and almost certainly saw this post -- and yet spent 20 minutes looking at a bunch of other posts here.