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March 30, 2006

One-minute seder

I've given you a one-minute shacharit. Now, here's a link to a one-minute Passover seder. (Hat tip: Bob G.) Click on the Hebrew text.

My maternal grandmother, who died 25 years ago, raised my mother in a very secular Jewish family. While my mother came to appreciate the tradition, my grandmother never really had much interest in it. Which led to one of my family's favorite remarks.

A couple of years before my grandmother died, she was with us, as always, at the seder. But she was old and sick and more than a little cranky. Not to mention hungry. And, as everyone knows, the first part of the seder can go on for quite a while longer than one minute before the meal is served. (The meal, for those who are counting, is part 10 of the 14-part order of the seder.) So for my grandmother, in her condition, this was not a very good arrangement. And finally, with the Haggadah's explanations seeming to go on interminably, she could stand it no longer and announced indignantly, "This all should have been discussed earlier!"