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September 02, 2005

Roberts confirmation hearing preview

On the lighter side, the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings on the nomination of John Roberts to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court begin on Tuesday the 6th.

I thought we should "review the bidding" -- to see how we got to this point. So I'm going to post a two-part series of annotated photos to give you what I think is the correct perspective. Part I will be posted Monday night or Tuesday morning. Part II will be posted on Tuesday night. In case you simply can't wait, I'm making the first "frame" of Part I available here. I hope you'll remember to come back to see them.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to do a Part III covering the hearings themselves, which no doubt will supply us with endless mirth, but, sad to say, I'm very busy with real work (work?!), including travel, during the next two weeks and most likely won't have the time.

UPDATE:I've decided to post the two parts together in a single post, which I plan to put up on Monday. It's a little long -- 18 frames -- but it didn't make much sense to split it.