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September 07, 2005

Harvard's poor timing

Through my sources, I've obtained a copy of a brochure just sent out by the Harvard Alumni Association -- you know, one of those obnoxious Ivy League travel brochures playing to the wealth and snobbery of the schools' alumni.

This one is called "Cruising the Mighty Mississippi: The Civil War and the American South," to be held in April, and -- you guessed it -- a big part of the trip is a three-day stay in New Orleans. "On a specially designed tour of this vibrant city...." "See one of New Orleans' oldest aboveground cemeteries...." "Enjoy a walking tour of the Vieux Carré (French Quarter)." Notice, by the way, that Harvard must use the French name.

I've discovered that Stanford alumni will also be on the trip. Here's the brochure put out by Stanford, with slightly different text.