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September 11, 2005

Four years

This photo says it all, but I want to add a personal note. In the summer of 1980, I worked on the 100th floor of WTC2. I had an interior office, but you can see the office across the hall from mine, just barely visible on the north (right) face over the top of the fireball. Now, 21 years is a long time, and I'm not like the guy who survived because he showed up late that morning after taking his daughter to school. But I do think about it often. More people on the north and west sides of WTC2 evacuated than on the south and east sides, simply because they could see the damage to WTC1 and the people falling or jumping from that building. But I wonder what I would have done. When I'm confused, I tend to be very trusting of the authorities, and in this case, the authorities messed up big time by telling people in WTC2 to return to their offices. The smart ones didn't listen.

UPDATE: Loads of 9/11 links at Kesher Talk.

UPDATE: As a Mets fan, I have an exquisite sense of anticipation, of knowing when it's time to throw in the towel, because something horrible is about to happen to the team. I don't know how I missed the controversy about the Flight 93 memorial, but if this is built, we Americans can kiss it goodbye. The fight against Islamic terrorism is over. If no one else has used this line yet, you can quote me: "Let's roll over." (UPDATE 9/18: I beat the incomparable Mark Steyn to this line by one day.)

UPDATE: Via Michelle Malkin, here's a link to photos of people falling or jumping from the burning towers. (Click on "stop" if you don't want to hear the voice and music overlay.) Over the past four years, we've been spared these horrible images, but at the very least once a year, on the anniversary of the attacks, we have to remind ourselves what happened. I've linked to Jonah Goldberg's column "Bring Back the Horror" once before, but it's appropriate again here.

UPDATE: All I can say is "Three cheers for Patrick Ruffini!"