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September 22, 2005

Never shake hands with a Braves fan

"As if you needed a reason, never shake hands with [a] Braves fan…" is how notes this article on The article, by the Associated Press, recounts a survey in which testers surreptitiously counted the numbers of men and women in public restrooms who washed up after using the loo.

• The worst hygiene was at Atlanta's Turner Field baseball stadium, where 37 percent of men left the bathroom without washing, and 16 percent of the women did.
So, now that we've had our laugh at the expense of the dregs of Turner Field (LAR-RY! LAR-RY! LAR-RY!), let's turn our attention to the dregs who performed this study.
Back in 1996, the society first studied how often people follow mom's advice to always wash up after using the toilet. Researchers lingered in public restrooms, putting on makeup or combing their hair, while surreptitiously counting. They concluded about one-third of people did not wash.
Hanging out in public restrooms? That is flat-out degenerate. I don't even want to think about it.

I'm going to wash my hands.