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September 20, 2005

Mets anniversary

Thirty-two years ago today, as a freshman at a college roughly 60 miles from my home town in the New York suburbs, I strained to listen to a weak radio signal broadcasting the Mets' game against the Pirates. The Mets, in last place in the NL East at the end of August 1973, had taken advantage of poor division competition and moved steadily ahead, eventually winning the division title (with an embarrassing record of 82-79), the playoffs with Cincinnati, and 3 of the first 5 games of the World Series against Oakland, only to lose the final two games to a much better team.

But, man, was it exciting! Anyway, the Mets-Pirates game featured an unbelievable play off the wall by Cleon Jones, with a relay throw bagging the runner at the plate in extra innings. There's a wonderful reminiscence of this moment at the Mets Walkoffs blog. I still get the chills. (via