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September 15, 2005

Minor league pitching

All of us have had this thought: John Roberts, former Deputy Solicitor General of the United States, who's argued, what, 39 cases before the Supreme Court, would find questions from senators on the judiciary committee to be fairly easy. Sort of obvious, right?

Dahlia Lithwick gets no credit for pointing this out, but she's a good writer and puts the point nicely:

Here's a man long accustomed to answering really hard questions from extremely smart people, suddenly faced with the almost-harder task of answering obvious questions from less-smart people. He finds himself standing in a batting cage with the pitching machine set way too slow.
Trouble is, she's too respectful of these senators, who are very definitely last in the American League. They are not just "less-smart people"; they are blithering idiots. Roberts wins in a laugher.

(via ConfirmThem)