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June 08, 2008

The Inquiring Photographer: Is Obama's nomination significant?

The Inquiring Photographer asks:

What do you think the significance is of the nomination of Barack Obama as the Democrats' candidate for President?

"I've never felt proud of my country until now, not even the last time I said I'd never felt proud until then. Why'd he win? Why'd he? Why'd he? Because the peeps know that there'd be rioting in the streets if he didn't.

Michelle Obama, Illinois

"I think it's a truly significant milestone in American history. I was tortured in Viet Nam so African Americans could run for President, even ones who are totally clueless about foreign policy. Not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular."

John McCain, Arizona

"It's really a fairy tale. I'm just concerned that the American people aren't ready to put a fairy in the White House."

Bill Clinton, Arkansas

"It's one of the most significant events in modern American history, and I mean that in all seriousness. Obama is the first man who ever stood in the White House door preventing of the first woman from becoming President."

Hillary Clinton, New York

"I cried all night about it. Why couldn't it have been me and not that skinny little punk with the white mother?"

Jesse Jackson, Illinois

"Don't mean s---, man, 'cause here's the thing: Man's got a Muslim middle name Hussein -- can you hear that? Hussein, Hussein, Hussein -- and no one can talk about it. S---, Obama himself don't wanna talk about his Muslim background. Why? 'Cause we got so many damn Islamophobes here."

Keith Ellison, Minnesota

"Ah say, suh, ah say! Ah nevuh thought ah'd live to see the day when a ni--, ni--, ni--, uh, a mayun who ain't white can run for President. Fortunately for me, ah'm not alive today."

Robert Byrd, West Virginia

"Burn, baby, burn!"

Al Sharpton, New York


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