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June 05, 2008

Historic? Duh.

Every first grader knows we've never had a black president, and every second grader knows that no major political party has fielded a black candidate for president.

So, then, tell me this: Why do the "scholars" interviewed by the Washington Post feel they're telling us anything by saying this nomination is "historic"?

On the other hand, at least one of them can't contain himself:

Older scholars seemed more cautious in their evaluations. Leon Litwack, 78, retired professor of history at the University of California at Berkeley and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for a book on the aftermath of slavery, said he had "strong doubts about whether the American people could really elect Obama. . . . There are still strong feelings about race in this country; it is still a very significant factor in American life. I think it still remains, in many respects, a racist society."
So the argument really is that if we don't elect Obama, it proves we're racist.

I have two words for you, buddy. Just take a look at the photo of Obama at the top.