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July 01, 2007

The Inquiring Photographer: How did you propose?

We know how the Irish propose. And we now know how the British propose:

LONDON (AFP) - Former prime minister Tony Blair proposed to his now wife Cherie while she was cleaning the toilet during a holiday in Italy, according to a new television documentary.

Cherie Blair told BBC television that the future prime minister popped the question in 1979 as she was tidying a villa in Tuscany before they headed home.

"I'd cleaned the toilet and he suddenly announced when I was on my knees that maybe we should get married," the human rights lawyer told the programme "The Real Cherie Blair," which is to be broadcast Wednesday.
So today, the Inquiring Photographer asks:

How did you propose to your wife (or how did your husband propose to you)?

"Laura was workin' in the library, and I went up to her, and I said, 'Will you, uh, get, er, will you marry me?' And she said, 'SHHHHHHH!!!'"

George Bush

"Which wife?"

Rudy Giuliani

"Papa always said a gentleman hasta ask the ladies sittin' on each of his knees to arise before he proposes to his wife."

Fred Thompson

"Many people don't realize this, but the Constitution says nothing about marriage proposals. That's why in my conscience I couldn't ask for [15 minutes excised] and we'll certainly look into those questions that have been raised."

Ron Paul

"I had a dear friend back in Searchlight -- I think his name was Tommy -- who, tragically, was killed in a car accident. I asked my wife to marry me as we left the funeral home."

Harry Reid

"My husband seemed a little unsure whether it was the right thing at the time, so I grabbed him by the nuts and squeezed. I could tell through his shrieks that he was looking forward to it."

Nancy Pelosi

"Well, first, I bought her an island . . ."

Mike Bloomberg

"Bill wrote me a lovely note on a sheet of his spiral notebook, and he asked Bobby Seale to present it to me."

Hillary Clinton

"It was right after we went to get tested for HIV."

Barack Obama

"I said, 'Will the gentleman yield?'"

Barney Frank

"I looked directly into her eyes and handed her a rock."

Mike Gravel