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June 08, 2008

John McCain and Barack Obama play "The Price Is Right"

Drew Carey: Now, Senators, in our final round, each contestant will tell us how much of the government handouts that the voters want he will give them in his four-year term, and then how much it will cost. OK, you understand that?

Obama: Yeah.

McCain: Yes, I do.

Drew Carey: All right, then. Senator Obama?

Obama: I'll give the voters EVERY government handout they want, which will cost $4.0 trillion over four years.

Drew Carey: Thank you, Senator Obama. Senator McCain?

McCain: I'll give the voters ALMOST every government handout they want, and it'll be cheaper. It'll cost $3.8 trillion over four years.

Drew Carey: Wow, that's an interesting strategy. I've never seen that one before, at least not from a candidate who wanted to win the election. Heh, well, let's see now. All right. The answer is: Giving the voters every government handout they want, PLUS back massages on demand, at a cost of $4.1 trillion! Senator Obama, you WIN! Would you come up here, please?

Video here.