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May 10, 2007

Would you believe a sex-offender program?

A reader who works at the Justice Department (yeah, they're monitoring your blog, too) wrote to tell me about a sex-offender program DOJ runs called "SMART." You can see a description here.

He was amused to learn that the email address for the program is GetSMART -at- usdoj -dot- gov. When he asked, he was told by someone affiliated with the program that the email address was indeed an allusion to a certain TV show.

I don't remember a single episode of Get Smart having to do with sex offenders, but I can tell you this: If you've ever seen the Justice Department building, in the Federal Triangle area of D.C., you'll know how distinctive its entrances are, and I'm sure that one episode of Get Smart actually opens with Max walking into that building. Not the famous introduction with Max dropping down through the phone booth. I'm talking about the show itself.