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May 13, 2007

Course hazard

If your teenaged daughter calls you up to ask you how to get the car out of fresh cement, she may not be pulling your leg.

State Police say a teenage girl drove through construction zone markers on the West Virginia Turnpike and got stuck in freshly poured concrete.

* * * * *
The minivan then sank in the concrete, Kincaid said. Concrete covered the two axles of the vehicle.

"She went in deep," Kincaid said.
Then again, you might be in the passenger seat yourself when this happens.
The 17-year-old girl from Durham, N.C., was driving a Dodge Caravan southbound Wednesday night when she came upon a construction zone near Mossy, Sgt. D.R. Kincaid said.

Kincaid said the girl saw construction zone signs alerting her the right lane was closed ahead but panicked when she entered the zone and saw traffic behind her. The girl screamed for her mother, who was apparently asleep, and asked her what to do. Her mother told her to change lanes.

The girl, who was in the open left lane, then cut into the closed right lane, through construction cones positioned 40 feet apart, Kincaid said. The girl ran across small spots of fresh concrete that had dried, but when she reached a "super long" spot, that concrete was still wet.
But I guess it can happen to anyone.

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