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May 06, 2007

Low-hanging fruit

I'm going to pick off the low-hanging fruit in a short entry, in which I criticize the Washington Post for using the same asinine expression twice on the front page yesterday in two different articles -- and above the fold.

The expression, you might have guessed, is "low-hanging fruit."

1. "The 'Six for '06' policy agenda on which Democrats campaigned last year was supposed to consist of low-hanging fruit, plucked and put in the basket to allow Congress to move on to tougher targets." (Democrats' Momentum Is Stalling)

2. "The failure to remove 'low-hanging fruit' such as fugitives 'may reflect the fact that there's a complete neglect for enforcement, or that even in egregious cases, they just can't get their act together,' said Steven A. Camarota, spokesman for the Center on Immigration Studies, a group that advocates less immigration." (U.S. Targeting Immigrant 'Absconders')

Is there an editor in the house?