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May 22, 2007

Code Pink wacks out -- again -- at the Justice Department

Another set of photos of a Code Pink protest at the Justice Department came in over the transom today from the same anonymous reader who supplied the first set.

I can't figure out whether this is a real protest or not. Look how sparsely it's attended -- by the protesters. Is this a splinter group? Does Code Pink not really take this seriously?

Why do they want Alberto Gonzales to re-sign for another term? Oh, you mean "resign"?

If impeachment is off the table, is this fellow off his rocker?

My reader says that things were surprisingly quiet on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Orange Jump Suit Lady wasn't there, but the Gonzales mask was. And I was wrong when I guessed it said "Pure Liar." It says "Fire Liar."

No protest would be complete without a couple of his-and-hers aging hippies riding a pink cart. The pony tail on him is a nice touch.

Like, groovy, man!

UPDATE (6/12): I forgot to note that the Post recently did a real puff piece on Code Pink in the Style section. A real lips-to-the-tuchis kind of piece. Mmmwwahhhh!!