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May 02, 2007


Yes, BYOTP means exactly what you think. That's the advice of the town manager of Walkersville, Maryland, near Frederick, after vandals set fire to some paper inside a bathroom at one of the town's parks, although for some reason the town's web site doesn't yet publicize this.

My suggestion, never having visited Walkersville myself, but being a veteran of skanky park restroom facilities, is BYOT. I've even found a page recommending five of them. Just from the looks of the photos alone, you might want to check out #1 (no pun intended) and #5.

I'd really advise you to stop here. If you click this link and especially the ones it contains, don't say I didn't warn you.

UPDATE: The twits at the AP use the same lame joke about BYOTP. And the Frederick News-Post adds this information about "inappropriate behavior" at the parks: "A resident told commissioners at the April 11 town meeting that he had found crack pipes, condoms and profane graffiti in the park, which is designed for children ages 12 and under, Rollins said." If this were Montgomery County, I would suspect the condoms were given to the under-12 kids in school.