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May 20, 2007

Code Pink wacks out at the Justice Department

A reader wrote to tell me that on Friday he was walking by the Justice Department in Washington and was lucky to be carrying his digital camera, because Code Pink was holding an anti-Alberto Gonzales rally out in front of the building. Credit for all of the photos below goes to that reader. (He declined my offer to identify him in order to give him credit -- people in Washington are so touchy about being revealed -- and that's really too bad.)

My reader tells me that while one woman had a bullhorn and was making a racket, the rally was actually very small, and there was no press at all.

His first photo gets the general idea pretty well.

Here we have a couple of Code Pinkos.

In this next photo, Lady Justice is doing yoga or something.

But here, she's preening for the camera.

Orange Jump Suit Lady puzzles me. She appears to have a camera and to be wearing a mask on the back of her head. Yes, that's it! It's a mask of Alberto Gonzales, and it says (as far as I can tell from blowing up the photo) "Pure Liar."

Uh huh. That's a camera.

Now, Orange Jump Suit Lady is joined by a woman with a sign. My reader didn't send me any photos where the sign could be seen, but it appears to have had something to do with "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, etc."

Lady Justice, now truly camera-smitten, poses for my reader in front of a sign showing her location.

Here's another Code Pinko with a scale of justice but without the costume. She's pretty happy to have her photo taken by some guy with a camera. After all, it's the best she can do with no press around anywhere. Her shirt has Arabic and Hebrew writing on it. The Hebrew says something like, "We won't shut up." Which, I must say, is hard to disagree with.

Finally, Orange Jump Suit Lady returns, and now we can see that she has not only a camera but also handcuffs. This is all getting a little too kinky for this blog, so I'm going to have to quit.

Thanks again to my publicity-shy reader for the photos.

UPDATE (5/21): My reader emailed me that an even smaller group was back in front of the Justice Department today, including one man with a bullhorn. No more photos, unfortunately.

UPDATE (5/22): This time, my reader sent photos.