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May 17, 2007

Another "Bolty" award

When John Bolton was originally nominated to serve as our UN ambassador, I gave out what I called the "Bolty awards," a series of awards for some highly amusing and pungent comments by or about him.

If you have ten minutes to spare, you will have one of the most enjoyable ten minutes of your week if you listen to this interview with Bolton. (via HotAir) The interviewer is an unctuous, left-wing, snot-nosed member of the BBC crew, named Jon Humphrys. And boy, does Bolton have a good time with him!

My personal favorite exchange is described by EU Referendum. Humphrys, the interviewer, invokes George Soros to refute something Bolton has said. Courtesy of EU Referendum:

"Are you kidding me!", responded Bolton. "This is a man of the extreme left. I am sure you will find a great deal in common with him, as would many others on the continent."

A sniffy Humphrys was not going to take that lying down though. On the attack, he demanded: "Do you make the assumption then that because one asks questions – perfectly valid questions about the conduct of American policy - one is on the extreme left?"

Bolton was unfazed: "I can see it from the content of your questions and the perspective from which you're coming and from the direction that your questions are taking. If you tell me you're a conservative, I would be happy to accept it."

That really got Humphrys going: "I would tell you that I'm neither conservative, nor left wing not right wing, nor middle wing, because…"

A laughing Bolton took that in his stride: "You have no views at all. Your brain is empty, you have no views at all…"
This interview has already caused a Bolton-for-President boomlet in the comments section at HotAir.