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January 29, 2005

Scourge of customer service reps

Sad to say, Dave Barry is no longer writing his weekly column, and Gene Weingarten simply doesn't fill Barry's shoes. But Weingarten has a regular shtick of calling the toll-free customer service phone numbers on products and asking really dumb questions. Case in point:

As I see it, if God didn't want me to harass customer service reps, He wouldn't have put those toll-free numbers for "comments or questions" on product packages.

Schick Razors

Me: I have an idea for you.

Carrie: Okay.

Me: I've noticed that women's razors tend to be pastel-colored and have really girly names like the Gillette "Venus" and the "Lady ShaveMs." But I was delighted to see the Schick "Intuition" goes past all that and is celebrating a female character trait.

Carrie: Right!

Me: I was wondering if Schick has considered broadening this concept. For example, the Schick "Crying at the Drop of a Hat."


Me: Or, the Schick "If you Don't Know What You Did Wrong, I Won't Tell You."
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