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January 18, 2005

It's more than just the Jews

I don't see much of a point in beating up on Prince Harry for his Nazi costume. That's been done. Well done.

But The Big Trunk at Power Line asks a question I've been wondering about, too:

Given the fact that Hitler's war of aggression resulted in the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of the royal family's subjects, including the death of some 60,000 British civilians by bombs rained down on Great Britain, isn't there someone in the country who can work up indignation on behalf of the Brits themselves? Does the indignation have to be imputed at every turn to Jews and their supposed friends?
OK, it's really two questions. But the point is serious. Of course the Nazis had a unique plan -- the Final Solution -- for the Jews, but didn't they cause major damage and death among the Brits as a people? If I were a non-Jewish Brit, I'd be fit to be tied about Harry. Could it be that there's as much ignorance about history there as there is here?