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January 19, 2005

Kerry channels "Allah"

From a review of Election 2004: How Bush Won and What You Can Expect in the Future, in the Weekly Standard.

But it seems straight out of one of Allah's photoshop strips.

Take for instance that moment on February 4, 2004, when Kerry was on his way to have his picture taken for Time magazine. He had won a series of primaries the day before, which established him as the Democratic frontrunner. So Time wanted some photographs, one of which would end up on the magazine's cover. On the van ride over, Kerry asked his valet, Marvin Nicholson, for the senatorial hairbrush. Nicholson, like the senator, is an outdoorsman. Not long ago, he had met Kerry in a surf shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was employed at the time. Soon after that, Nicholson became the senator's assistant.

But he had forgotten Kerry's hairbrush.

"Sir, I don't have it," Nicholson told Kerry, according to Election 2004.

"Marvin, f--!" Kerry replied.

When Kerry's press secretary, David Wade, suggested the senator borrow his hairbrush, Kerry snapped, "I'm not using Wade's brush." Then he turned back on his assistant. "Marvin, f--," he repeated, "it's my Time photo shoot."
My only question is whether it's the Weekly Standard or the book itself that uses only two dashes after the "f--."