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October 20, 2004

YW (Why Dubya)

I supported Bush in 2000 more enthusiastically than any presidential candidate since Reagan, though if I had anticipated 9/11, I would have been unsure how well he would do. But well he has done. He has engaged the war against terrorism with courage, tenacity, and singleness of purpose, in the face of the carping, sniping, demonizing, and all the "-ings" that the lilliputians engage in. One can quibble with some aspects of this effort. I will not. All wars look ugly from the battlefield. Bush's keen insight was that to reform the Arab world, where terrorism originates, you have to go into the shuk and knock over the carts. This process has only begun; there are carts yet upright. With Kerry, if you can even cut through the fog, you find he wants to fight terrorism through law enforcement. This approach has been tried, and it has failed. It fundamentally disqualifies Kerry for the office.

Bush has been steadfast in support of Israel. Why should this matter if you are not a Jew or devout Christian with a deep emotional and religious attachment to Israel? It's because Israel is the canary in the coalmine of terrorism. If Islamic terrorists achieve anything resembling victory over Israel, we're in the gravest of danger ourselves. Americans thus have a strong interest in Israel's success. Kerry talks a fairly decent game about Israel, but his support for the U.N. and Old Europe puts Israel, and ultimately the U.S., at risk.