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October 17, 2004

Just blame it on the Jews

Baltimore's Mayor Martin O'Malley has only token opposition in the upcoming election in an overwhelming Democratic town. So he's decided not to bother debating his Republican opponent. The opponent has an explanation: "'I feel that [O'Malley] does not want to debate me because he is afraid that I will uncover that' he is performing poorly, said Elbert 'Ray' Henderson, a Republican candidate for mayor." But the Baltimore Sun explains the Mayor's reason more succinctly.

O'Malley cannot attend the league's mayoral debate because he has a meeting with the Jewish National Fund, at which he will be a keynote speaker.
That's right, just blame it on the Jews. Sheesh! I know Jewish fundraising can be aggressive, but surely JNF would consider a request from the Mayor to reschedule or provide a taped address.