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October 11, 2004

By any means necessary?

Just another day, another break-in and burglary of a Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters.

Offices that house President Bush's re-election campaign in Spokane were broken into and vandalized last night, the latest in a string of crimes at Republican offices across the country.
Must be a coincidence.

In Bellevue last week , computers that stored the Republican get-out-the-vote database were stolen in a burglary at the Republican headquarters there. Bush campaign officials believe the break-ins are part of a broader attack on the president's re-election offices around the country, including a burglary in Canton, Ohio, last night, gun shots fired in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee and union protestors storming offices in three Florida cities and Minneapolis.

There are no suspects in the burglaries or shootings and no injuries were reported.

Because the protests at campaign offices that were stormed were part of organized union demonstrations, Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot wrote a letter today to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney asking him to call off any future protests.

"In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process," Racicot wrote.

Yeah, a coincidence, like this one 10 days or so ago.

BELLEVUE - The state's Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters in Bellevue were burglarized and three laptop computers containing campaign plans were stolen, Republican Party officials said Friday.

Sometime between 2 a.m. Friday, when campaign workers went home, and 8 a.m., when the office reopened, a person threw a rock through the window of Jon Seaton, executive director for the state's Bush campaign, said Chris Vance, state GOP chairman.

Stolen were three laptops that Vance said belonged to Seaton and Chris Taylor, head of the office's get-out-the-vote campaign. A third computer had been slated for a field office.

Information on the computers included much of the Bush-Cheney campaign strategy for the state, he said.

Paging Woodward and Bernstein.

(Link via Drudge. Power Line also reports on the more recent incident. Hindrocket says he's unable to find any report referring to the Canton burglary.)