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October 12, 2004

A naked partisan attack

Congressman Martin Frost (D-TX), who is running against Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) because of the recent redistricting, is attacking Sessions for having participated in a mass "streaking" incident at Southwest Texas State University in 1974, when Sessions was 18. "Streaking" -- for the benefit of those too young to remember -- means running through a public area sans clothing. From the San Antonio Express-News:

In 1974, during a two-night rampage involving about 300 students in San Marcos, two streakers were arrested the first night, leading to a clash with police in which students damaged a police car, the San Antonio News reported at the time. Newspapers were filled with nude photos and headlines such as "Dudes, Broads, Bare Bods."

Southwest Texas students were apparently trying to break a streaking record set by another university amid a nationwide college streaking craze.

"Pete Sessions exposed himself to children and strangers," said Frost spokesman Justin Kitsch. "He's exposed himself as a hypocrite, as well."

"Congressman Sessions' old school days are long gone," said Sessions spokesman Chris Homan. "He recognizes it as an immature action of an 18-year-old college freshman."

Three comments: 1. Glad I didn't participate in streaking when I was in college. 2. Glad I'm not running for Congress. 3. Glad we don't let 18-year-olds serve in Congress.