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October 18, 2004

New obstacle to D.C.'s baseball stadium?

The George Washington University Hatchet, a student paper, reports that the proposed new stadium in Southeast is upsetting gay groups. Apparently, the location, a forlorn industrial area, is home to "gay strip bars, dance clubs, adult theaters and bookstores along O and Half streets in Southeast D.C." This is a serious problem.

"I think we obviously have a challenge here," said Jim Graham, one of two openly gay members on the D.C. City Council. "We're going to have to work hard to see how we go about relocating this businesses. They're contributing to the city, and of course these owners are very much surprised that they're going to be uprooted."
And it's not easy to relocate them, anyway.
The gay entertainment district was allowed to exist in an isolated setting, he said, adding, "It was a sort of 'out of sight, out of mind' thing."

"The question becomes, if the city exiled us down there, and if now, they're going to 'de-exile us,' where are we going to go?" Kameny continued. City zoning laws restrict nude dancing and liquor in other parts of D.C.
And compensation? How about naming the new team after them? The Washington Nude Gay Dancers. It's got pizzazz.