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October 10, 2004

Germans see no anti-semitism at Arab book fair

The fact that Germans can see no anti-semitism when it's right in front of their faces shouldn't surprise anyone.

The fact that an Arab book fair contains books like the following also shouldn't surprise anyone:

On the cover of one of the books, displayed by the Dar Tlass publishing house of Damascus, Syria, was a photograph of the World Trade Center exploding in flames during the 9/11 attacks. Overlaying the photo of the Twin Towers is a Star of David and a fingerprint.

Nearby, another book showed a Star of David covering the Statue of Liberty, which held, instead of a torch, a sword that dripped blood.

At the exhibit sponsored by the Egyptian Publishers Association, the Cairo-based publisher Dar el-Shorouk displayed "The Zionist Message and Its Terms," whose title was translated by an Arabic representative of the publisher and whose cover portrays a field of Stars of David and menorahs. The book's author, Abdel-Wahab el-Messeri, also wrote the "Encyclopedia of Jews, Judaism and Zionism," which some critics have said contains anti-Jewish themes.

What is not surprising -- just disgraceful -- is the NY Times's unwillingness to take a position. Notice that "some critics" have said the book contains "anti-Jewish themes." Sheesh! The reporter could have called the author to confirm this point.